Sat, 13 Apr 2013 19:11:32

organizational documents

The American Okinawan Karate Association (AOKA) has several important documents that aid the organization in achieving its goals and objectives in addition to uniting its members in one voice.

  • Bylaws: The Bylaws lay out the basic rules of governance of the AOKA.
  • Membership Agreement: The Membership Agreement describes the rights and responsibilities for each class of member in the AOKA.
  • Code of Ethics: The Code of Ethics is designed to help our members know what is expected of them. Much of it is common sense; some of it is new; all of it is vital to ensuring we conduct ourselves in a manner befitting a truly world class organization, in which an unswerving commitment to integrity and mutual respect are key hallmarks.
  • Committee Charters: The Committee Charter sets forth the responsibilities, duties, and authorities of each committee.