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frequently asked questions

What does it cost to become an AOKA member? 
As of January 1, 2011, it costs $25 per year for individual membership and $75 per year dojo/school membership.

What's the difference between an individual membership and a school membership? 
A school membership registers your dojo with the AOKA and allows you to offer your school members a discounted individual membership. AOKA registered dojos appear on our website as a way of driving new members to your school. Special events such as workouts, seminars and tournaments may be insured via our insurance program for little or no cost. This does NOT cover your day to day classes.

Why do I have to pay more for membership if I don't belong to a registered AOKA school? 
You don't. Our normal fee is $30 per year. As an incentive for school owners to register their dojo, we give a benefit to school members to register at a discounted price.

What benefits of membership will I receive? 
AOKA members receive discounts on AOKA sponsored events. At our annual World Championships our AOKA members participate in up to four seminars at no cost. Registered AOKA schools can receive event insurance at little or no cost with properly submitted application. AOKA members receive a 10% discount through Enterprise Car Rental. Coming soon . . . discounted AAA Auto Club membership!

What if I am a member of another organization? 
The AOKA does NOT try to restrict membership in other organizations. We want you to be a satisfied member of our association, so we are concentrating on offering substantial benefits for being an AOKA member.

Will my rank be recognized by the AOKA? 
When you join the AOKA you come in at the rank you have. The AOKA does not validate your rank or challenge rank. We make no statement on rank whatsoever. Everyone is welcome to be an AOKA member irrespective of what rank you hold, where you got it, whose student you are, where you live, etc. If you wish to receive rank from the AOKA (higher black belt ranks), we do have a promotions board that meets regionally and at our annual World Championships. You must apply for the right to test via our website and be sponsored by one of our representatives.

Can I be a member of the AOKA and receive rank through my instructor or another organization? 
Yes. Unless you wish to receive rank from the AOKA (be issued a rank certificate by the AOKA), we make no statement whatsoever about your rank.

What training opportunities are available for black belts? 
Regional training opportunities are posted on the website via our newsletter. This includes not only seminars and workshops, but also tournament information for both AOKA and non-AOKA events. In addition, the AOKA board members are available for conducting seminars and workshops.

Can I sign up online and is it secure? 
Yes. The actual registration sign-up allows you to purchase your AOKA membership online. The checkout process is on a secured server (https) and you may use VISA, MasterCard or PayPal.