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The AOKA library includes interesting and informative articles about Okinawan Karate and other Asian martial arts. Some of these articles are published works by experts in the industry and others were prepared by members to provide additional information to the techniques that appear in the members only area.

By ShampooedMonkey - 2 months ago

"Embusen" the line and path of Isshin-ryu kata
From:  katagwa@a...
Date:  Wed Jun 20, 2001  2:37 pm
Subject:  "Embusen" the line and path of Isshin-ryu kata

By ShampooedMonkey - 2 months ago

align="left">Enter The bubishi

Part 1- Introduction & Origins

By Victor Smith and Christopher Caile

Editor's Note: This is the first in a three part series on the bubishi. Part 2 will discuss the text and its impact on Okinawan karate. Part 3 will discuss the availability of translations of the text in English, the text's impact on karate today and the current status of research on this text.

It is an obscure martial arts text written in Chinese. But, it was a most cherished possession of many of the great founders of modern karate -- something that was meticulously hand copied and shared among only their most trusted students.

It is called the bubishi.

The bubishi's age and the origin are unknown. Yet, while the text remains a mystery, it is also the only historical written record of martial techniques and theory to ...

By ShampooedMonkey - 2 months ago


The State of Mind

By Christopher Caile

The Japanese term Mushin is comprised of two characters (kanji), "Mu" (left) meaning negation and "Shin" (right)  meaning heart, mind, spirit or feeling.

The Japanese term Mushin is a shortened version of the Zen expression "mushin no shin" which translates as "the mind without mind" or "no-mindness." This means a ...


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